Club Gemini Residences - Prepare To Buy Your First House


The first things you need to do is to know the cost of every house choice you have, evaluate your capability in terms of financial and understand the government's rules and measures when you are buying your first house. Not doing those above might lead you down to a sticky situation that you will find yourself troubled.


You would probably also get endless recommendation from all the people around you such as you friends or members of your family and persuasive talks coming from property agents that you should be buying your first house. You will not want to be talked into committing in something you are not ready to do especially when it involves a good amount of financial obligation. After all, the people who talked you into taking such course of action are not going to be the one who will make the payments regardless of whether they are friends or family. For more information about Club Gemini Residence, visit


Asking yourself whether or not you are ready to buy a house is one of the things you should do first before jumping into the fray. If you have any doubts as to whether or not you are ready, then read some of the signs that will help you make up your mind.


Having a crisis fund is one of the most important things you need to have if you are hoping to be able to purchase your own house. The reason for this is simple, sure insurance and investments are good but when time comes that you really need cash, any of these two will not really produce instant results. What it means to have a fund for crisis is when you have saved up enough amount of money comparable to about half of your annual earnings, if you have more, then good for you. When it comes to purchasing a Toa Payoh New Launch house, this is considered to be one of the indicators of your readiness.


You may find yourself having problems in the future if you decide to purchase a house without securing the Approval in Principle first. Standing to lose thousands of dollars worth of money is the reason why you shouldn't buy yourself a Club Gemini Residence without the AIP. This is why securing the AIP is important, speaking with a bank about it would be a wise course of action. This is something you can get for free so don't worry about any fees.


One of the most important things you need to remember at all cost when you are purchasing a house is that you should never use your credit to make the purchase. If the amount of money you have now is not enough to buy the house you want, you can take out a loan but only if the amount you lack is 20 to 30 percent of the total amount you need to pay.